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#define TCPPACKET_H 1
#define __FAVOR_BSD 1

#include <netinet/in.h>

 * If you're wondering why this doesn't inherit from IPv4Packet: TCP over
 * IPv4 is the same as over IPv6. A packet containing a TCP header isn't
 * neccessarily a kind of IPv4 Packet. tcptrack doesn't do IPv6 yet, but it
 * will at some point. When it does this class will be used by IPv4Packet
 * and IPv6Packet.

using namespace std;

typedef unsigned short portnum_t;
typedef unsigned int   seq_t;

#define FIN 0x01
#define SYN 0x02
#define RST 0x04
#define PSH 0x08
#define ACK 0x10
#define URG 0x20
#define ECE 0x40
#define CWR 0x80

class TCPPacket
      TCPPacket( const u_char *data, unsigned int data_len );
      TCPPacket( TCPPacket & orig );
      seq_t getSeq() const;
      seq_t getAck() const;
      bool isFlagSet(unsigned int);
      unsigned short headerLen() const { return header_len; };

      portnum_t srcPort() const;
      portnum_t dstPort() const;

      bool fin() const;
      bool syn() const;
      bool rst() const;
      bool psh() const;
      bool ack() const;
      bool urg() const;
      bool ece() const;
      bool cwr() const;

      friend ostream & operator<<( ostream &, const TCPPacket &);

      seq_t seqn;
      seq_t ackn;
      portnum_t src;
      portnum_t dst;
      unsigned char flags;
      unsigned short header_len;


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