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#ifndef IPV4PACKET_H
#define IPV4PACKET_H 1
#define __FAVOR_BSD 1

#include <netinet/in.h> // neeeded 
#include "IPv4Address.h"
#include "TCPPacket.h"
#include "NetworkPacket.h"
//#include "IPv4TCPPacket.h"

typedef unsigned char  proto_t;
typedef unsigned char  version_t;

class IPv4TCPPacket;

class IPv4Packet : public NetworkPacket
      /* stuff to do in constructor:
       *  ensure data_len >= ip header len field
       *  ensure version is 4
       *  ensure total len >= ip header len
       *  verify checksum
      IPv4Packet( const u_char *data, unsigned int data_len );
      IPv4Packet( const IPv4Packet &orig );
      unsigned int totalLen() const;
      proto_t proto() const;
      version_t version() const; // always return 4
      unsigned long len() const { return total_len; };
      unsigned int payloadLen() const;
      IPv4Address & srcAddr() const;
      IPv4Address & dstAddr() const;

      friend ostream & operator<<( ostream &, const IPv4Packet &);

      // public methods below here = unimplemented
      unsigned int getHeaderLen(); // in bytes
      unsigned int getTOS();
      unsigned short getID();
      unsigned int getTTL();
      bool isMoreSet();
      bool isNoFragSet();
      bool isUnusedSet();

      static IPv4Packet * newPacket( const u_char *data, unsigned int data_len );

      unsigned int total_len;
      unsigned short header_len;
      proto_t theproto;
      // these are pointers because the IPv4Address class is not modifiable
      // after initialization. The constructor of this class can not 
      // immediately set them.
      IPv4Address *src;
      IPv4Address *dst;


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